I love books. I read a lot – perhaps too much. Sometimes I wonder whether I give each book the time it deserves to really appreciate it. But now and again a book comes along that wrests my attention for long enough to leave a lasting impression. If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon … Continue reading Jesse

Adam and Eve

We heard an interesting story on breakfast radio this morning. Bobby Charlton was due to welcome twenty six of the thirty three rescued Chilean miners to Old Trafford this evening, as guests of honour at Manchester United’s match against Arsenal. Sir Bobby’s father was a miner in Northumberland. My colleague pointed out that this was … Continue reading Adam and Eve


Every year, my husband and I go away for a couple of nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary, usually somewhere suitably romantic – rural Derbyshire, Lindisfarne, Fountains Abbey, Paris. So you can imagine my surprise when, three years ago, he announced that he’d found the perfect place to go for our fourth anniversary … Sunderland! … Continue reading Jacob