He is alive!

It was still dark when she left her home. She made her way through the silent streets to the garden where his tomb lay. She felt troubled but the silence comforted her. She carried spices to anoint his body. She reached the garden and walked down the pathways until she came to the place where … Continue reading He is alive!


It is finished…

The man followed them when they left his house, walking in the shadows through the streets of Jerusalem. He watched as they entered the garden. Then he crept in after them. He heard their lowered voices as they talked. He saw the shadows shift and settle as they moved through the garden. The silence was … Continue reading It is finished…

Those Hands

He lifted the water jar onto his shoulders and set off through the streets. He knew people were looking at him, could feel their eyes on him as he walked. He didn’t fit, he was an anomaly. Men didn’t carry water jars – that was women’s work. He passed the city gate as two men … Continue reading Those Hands


A Generous Gift

The sound of voices surrounded her as she walked, noise upon noise, donkeys braying, haggling, shouts, laughter. She could smell the scents of the busy market place, olive oil, baking bread, freshly cut wood, pungent ointments. She walked up to a man, exchanged a few words, handed over a large bag of coins, picked up … Continue reading A Generous Gift


Enough is Enough

The priest picked up the scroll and put it away with the others, neatly and carefully lined up on the shelf. He turned and straightened the oil lamp on the table. Then he smoothed down his robe and left the temple. He walked with long strides past the benches of the dove sellers and the … Continue reading Enough is Enough


All that she had…

The woman drew her cloak around her and looked around the small room. Spare, sparse, but clean and well looked after. Home. She picked up a bag and placed two small copper coins in it, leaving the shelf bare. Then she opened the door and left. She walked down the street with her head down, … Continue reading All that she had…


The Master Needs It

There was once a man who bought a colt. The colt was untrained and had never been ridden and the journey home was a hard one. As the man struggled to tie the colt to the wall of his house, his neighbour saw him and said, “Is that the best you could get? You’ll waste … Continue reading The Master Needs It