The Hidden Spaces is my personal blog. I’m a storyteller, wife, mother, adopter, follower of God, schoolsworker, school governor, Liberal Democrat, daughter, sister, cat owner, friend.

I care about lots of things – the power of stories to transform, create community and develop empathy; making the world a better and fairer place for all; politics and the role it plays in making lives better – or worse; speaking up for the vulnerable, especially children and refugees; education; adoption – the realities of daily life for adoptive families and how policy and public perception can improve things for our wonderful, strong, vulnerable children; equality and freedom; God’s nurturing love and care for the world and the way he works with us to bring about restoration.

I love chocolate, winter, Northumberland, Scotland and the wilds, coffee, giggling, folk music, books, films, photography, beach wombling and Scandi drama. I’m a librocubicularist, lover of words, and trainee gin connoisseur.

And I write. In order to make sense of things, I write. About all sorts of things. I like the hidden spaces, the gaps, the sideways view. Come and explore with me?