The Rolling Ocean

A couple of days ago, a simple five-word status rolled past in my Facebook memories. Just five words. Five words that, in a single instant, transported me back and held me in the now and stretched boundlessly into the future, all at the same time. Those five words took me back to a moment suspended … Continue reading The Rolling Ocean


Twin Chords

Imagine that, at the core of every human soul, there is a single shining golden strand. And in that strand is everything that makes a person who they are. And every time a person encounters love, their strand strengthens, glows, grows brighter in its shining. Some strands may be tall and straight and strong, others … Continue reading Twin Chords

It all depends what your heart beats for…

The Sister March in Shipley, West Yorkshire, 21.01.2017 On Saturday, we marched alongside 1500 others in Shipley, West Yorkshire, joining millions across the globe to make a stand for equality, justice and human rights as part of the Women's March, organised to protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. … Continue reading It all depends what your heart beats for…