We went in search of you…

We went in search of you, Wild and elemental, At home in the storm, With feet that walk waves. And we found you. In sand-blasted skin And salt-tanged lips, In sun-beaten cheeks And sea-sprayed hair, In briny-deep swell And wood-sweet smoke. In grit between our teeth. We went in search of you, Spirit and creator, … Continue reading We went in search of you…


Twin Chords

Imagine that, at the core of every human soul, there is a single shining golden strand. And in that strand is everything that makes a person who they are. And every time a person encounters love, their strand strengthens, glows, grows brighter in its shining. Some strands may be tall and straight and strong, others … Continue reading Twin Chords


Every year, my husband and I go away for a couple of nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary, usually somewhere suitably romantic – rural Derbyshire, Lindisfarne, Fountains Abbey, Paris. So you can imagine my surprise when, three years ago, he announced that he’d found the perfect place to go for our fourth anniversary … Sunderland! … Continue reading Jacob