I’m a Christian and a follower of God, which is fully compatible with being liberal and progressive.

I believe in a God who is more about love than judgement, who longs for freedom and equality and inclusivity and social justice and restoration. Theologically, I don’t think we have all the answers and I don’t think we’re meant to – if we were, I think Jesus would have spent more time answering questions than asking them.

I’m fascinated by the Bible and the stories that it tells – and even more fascinated by the things it leaves out.  As a storyteller and an English graduate, I love bringing these skills together, digging into Bible stories and exploring their hidden spaces, or reimagining them from a different perspective.

I’m also fascinated by the transformative power of God’s big story and think we should spend more time ‘just’ sharing it, immersing ourselves in it, making it part of who we are.

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