All that she had…

The woman drew her cloak around her and looked around the small room. Spare, sparse, but clean and well looked after. Home. She picked up a bag and placed two small copper coins in it, leaving the shelf bare. Then she opened the door and left. She walked down the street with her head down, … Continue reading All that she had…


The Master Needs It

There was once a man who bought a colt. The colt was untrained and had never been ridden and the journey home was a hard one. As the man struggled to tie the colt to the wall of his house, his neighbour saw him and said, “Is that the best you could get? You’ll waste … Continue reading The Master Needs It


Every year, my husband and I go away for a couple of nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary, usually somewhere suitably romantic – rural Derbyshire, Lindisfarne, Fountains Abbey, Paris. So you can imagine my surprise when, three years ago, he announced that he’d found the perfect place to go for our fourth anniversary … Sunderland! … Continue reading Jacob