The Rolling Ocean

A couple of days ago, a simple five-word status rolled past in my Facebook memories. Just five words. Five words that, in a single instant, transported me back and held me in the now and stretched boundlessly into the future, all at the same time. Those five words took me back to a moment suspended … Continue reading The Rolling Ocean


Twin Chords

Imagine that, at the core of every human soul, there is a single shining golden strand. And in that strand is everything that makes a person who they are. And every time a person encounters love, their strand strengthens, glows, grows brighter in its shining. Some strands may be tall and straight and strong, others … Continue reading Twin Chords

Elastic Threads of Love

  In our house, we talk about how love grows between our hearts like invisible threads of elastic. Wherever we are, these threads always connect us to one another. And there is always enough thread to unravel, however far apart we are. And because the threads are elastic, (and we're not just talking your regular elastic … Continue reading Elastic Threads of Love


I will remember them…

My Grandad used to try and catch us between his feet when we walked past him. Filled with just the right amount of fear and trepidation, I'd summon up all my childish courage and try to reach the other side of the room without him catching me. I never managed it. He had brown weathered … Continue reading I will remember them…



Almost three years ago, we adopted our daughter and we love her to bits. Our family life is messy, imperfect, full of laughter, sometimes difficult, and beautiful. This week is National Adoption Week (5-11 November 2012) and this is the story I wrote for our little girl earlier this year to celebrate finding each other... … Continue reading Found…