We went in search of you…

We went in search of you, Wild and elemental, At home in the storm, With feet that walk waves. And we found you. In sand-blasted skin And salt-tanged lips, In sun-beaten cheeks And sea-sprayed hair, In briny-deep swell And wood-sweet smoke. In grit between our teeth. We went in search of you, Spirit and creator, … Continue reading We went in search of you…


Floating around…

I led a discussion about Noah last night. I hadn’t planned to. My vicar was supposed to be doing it. Then he phoned an hour before people were due to arrive at my house. He wasn’t well – could we manage without him? Of course! He needed to rest. Not a problem. More than happy … Continue reading Floating around…

Adam and Eve

We heard an interesting story on breakfast radio this morning. Bobby Charlton was due to welcome twenty six of the thirty three rescued Chilean miners to Old Trafford this evening, as guests of honour at Manchester United’s match against Arsenal. Sir Bobby’s father was a miner in Northumberland. My colleague pointed out that this was … Continue reading Adam and Eve



Every year, my husband and I go away for a couple of nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary, usually somewhere suitably romantic – rural Derbyshire, Lindisfarne, Fountains Abbey, Paris. So you can imagine my surprise when, three years ago, he announced that he’d found the perfect place to go for our fourth anniversary … Sunderland! … Continue reading Jacob


Judah and Perez

I recently read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield (it’s very good, I recommend it). It tells the tale of the reclusive and mysterious author, Vida Winter and opens with a quote from her fictional collection of stories: “All children mythologize their birth. It is a universal trait. You want to know someone? Heart, mind … Continue reading Judah and Perez



We became parents for the first time last January when we adopted our three year old daughter. She’s full of energy, has a great sense of humour and loves David Tennant. She also growls “argh” when she’s annoyed (just like her dad), plays drums on her legs (just like her dad), and shouts “Come on … Continue reading Joseph



I start with a confession. I’m a genealogy geek. I’m fascinated with the line of ancestors that have gone before me, the people they were, the places they lived, the decisions they made, and how all of that forms the foundation from whence I came and on which I stand. I’m also a storyteller. Stories … Continue reading Welcome…